Why clean a headstone?

This is actually a very good question. Where do we draw the line between desirable patina that gives the stone a look of age and beauty, or damaging biological growth and staining?


First, do no harm.

Trust me, I love a beautifully aged headstone with gorgeous patina, but algae, lichen and staining from mold and mildew can damage the stone. And if it’s to the point that it is illegible, then the marker has lost its purpose.  Ideally, we will clean it before it gets that far.

If I conclude that the headstone you want cleaned would be better off left alone, either because cleaning it will make it more difficult to read, or because it’s so fragile already that it may be further damaged, I will tell you. And charge you nothing.

When can you get this done?


Most of the time, I’ll be able to get on site and clean your headstone within 5 days.  And it will continue to look better for the next several weeks after I leave. It’s just a matter of time. I’ll send before and after photos when I’ve completed the work.

Is this safe for the environment?

Yes! -The products used contain no bleach, salts or acids and are nontoxic and biodegradable. They are safe to use around most landscape plantings and grasses.

How does this work?

I will need all the specific location information that you can provide. I’m very familiar with most of the cemeteries in the area, but it’s still a needle in a haystack without detailed information. If you can provide GPS coordinates, that would be amazing!
   * The name on the headstone and a photo if you have it.
   * A map or diagram showing the location of the headstone.
   * The name and address of the cemetery.

Additional options such as follow-up cleanings, minor leveling and resetting, shrubbery trimming and flower placements can be arranged.

I prefer full payment before I get started. I will send you before and after photos when the work is complete.

Accepted Payments?

PayPal or Venmo.  See Contact for payment links.